Zum Hauptinhalt springen
by Bwembya Ntembula

“From ego to echo”

The world as we know it...

Societal setup paves way for the most significant developments of our lives irrespective of our beliefs or where we come from. Our social constructs, technical know hows, abilities and capabilities are all a result of the environments we choose to create for ourselves implying that a lagging in any of the social groups in our respective societies though not boldly visible would gradually have a dire impact on furthering our growth as a people which I strongly believe would be eradicated by giving adequate attention to social development.

One of most important aspects I feel would be best to look at with regards to not “echoing our egos” but our humility and solidarity is a strong activism amongst ourselves, promoting educational platforms where opportunities would be presented to various individuals in form of easy access to information that they would need to acquire most especially in this ever changing world that we are living in. We firstly have to realize that our existence is as a result of the world’s existence. It seems so obvious just reading it once but when you come to think about it, the same connection that we have with the world is with no slightest difference the same as the one we have with one another and having that thought in mind should trigger us to rethink humility over pride. It all comes back to social development again, it might be something that would seem too intangible to define and understand wholly but that's only because we already have it within ourselves and goal should be sharing it with others. Again one would ask how exactly we can make that a possibility, the answer lies in Economic and Social Inclusiveness.

It has been observed that we have unfortunately put together a marathon race in this precious gift that we have called LIFE, and the surprising part of all of it is that we try so hard to surpass one another when we don't even know where the finish line is and we end up just running and hydrating to run even faster forgetting there are others that would die for only a fraction of our water, just for them to be able to walk.

I believe creating societies that encourage and incentives inclusiveness would be best done through education, and by that I mean an education that prepares individuals for their activeness in collective development, an education that encourages innovation and, most importantly, one that helps build individuals’ self-esteem.

I have been privileged on that front to be part of an organisation called INTER-WEBB, one just like GrIStuF, that creates a platform where individuals from different parts of the world can come together to share ideas and have a presence in discussing matters of ultimate significance. We facilitate the inclusiveness of young people by engaging them in similar discussions on our forum where they can share ideas on various topics of discussion and also be a contribution to the development of one another.