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by GrIStuF e.V.

Online Echo: Art Challenge

Hey again from Team GrIStuF,

During the time of our "Online Echo" we want to get your creative spirits flowing and that's why we've created the Artivism-Challenge for you! Since so much is happening simultaneously, in various places in the world right now, we find it relaxing to get focused on one topic to stay rooted on our thoughts. After focusing on one topic deeply, the final product can then be spread with the world and maybe give inspiration and a thought-provoking impulse to someone else. 

Participation in the Artivism-Challenge is really simple: We made some tasks for you, for each day, to get involved with. If you are done painting, drawing or creating any form of art- just send us your artworks via direct message on Instagram or link us in your posts, so we can see and share your pieces with the whole GrIStuF-Community! Hope you enjoy this and have fun while getting creative!

Reminder: If you use our hashtags #gristuf2020 and #onlineecho, we will also be able to see your creations, if you don't have a private profile.


Ida // Thu, 11th June 2020, 13:27 GMT+0200
"So looking forward to seeing all of your artwork in the coming weeks!"