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by GrIStuF e.V.

GrIStuF 2020: Online Echo

Sharing Ideas While Staying Inside

Hello and welcome,

If you have ended up here, then you, like many of us, think our world deserves something better than climate change and global injustice. We believe that we could live in a society without populism and discrimination, a world with equal rights and a solidary society. And we believe that the activism of every person is important on the way towards this goal. This is what we wanted to address during the 10th edition of GrIStuF under the motto “From Ego to Echo - Creating ideas for collective change”.

This year, however, achieving this goal was not possible in person. With a heavy heart we had to cancel our festival, but decided to try something online instead. And we are truly happy that all of you out there are joining us on this adventure, that we hope would be an opportunity to open dialogue for the next year's festival, and a platform to share and learn. We are thrilled to present to you theGrIStuF Online Echo “ From Ego to Echo - Sharing Ideas while staying inside”.

With the Online Echo we want to share interesting ideas, thoughts and projects. We hope to connect and unite motivated young people who want to create solutions together. We want to collect your stories and continue the dialogue between all of us. To enable and empower each and everyone to get up and change something around you for the better.

We hope this will bring you a bit of comfort, and inspiration and lots of love from your GrIStuF family!


Ramia // Sat, 6th June 2020, 23:25 GMT+0200
"Looking forward to seeing what the participants have contributed with !"
Saya // Thu, 11th June 2020, 13:16 GMT+0200
"What an heartwarming welcome! Thank you so much lovely GrIStuF-Crew. Love what you are doing here!"