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by GrIStuF e.V.

Non-formal and Civic Education

Teamer Talk with Laura

Laura would have been and will still be our teamer for the festival's Politics workshop, during the interview we talked about her long friendship with GrIStuF as a teamer as well as the teamer workshop and the idea behind non-formal education, we also talked about political participation and civic education and how it was and still is affected by the pandemic. 
Even more than that, Laura has shared with us many method collections on non-formal education which you can check out yourself and use in your own community. after all, it's all about creating and sharing ideas for collective change! Make sure to have a look and share with your communities:

Compass (and for kids: compasito): human rights education, available in many languages

Salto Toolbox: Non-formal learning methods

Handbooks for preparing trainings: T-Kits (some are available in different languages, all are available in English)

Tools for citizens: development of organisations and teams, workshop planning

Tools for facilitating group processes and finding consensus

Participation tools: online tools that are safe and helpful to transder your activities

Advantages of digital democracy and participation