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by Sara Bashir

How a nations youth can influence its future

The case of Sudan

Let’s take a minute to discuss how the youth of a nation can positively impact its progression.
This video revolves around the potential and power of youth all around the globe, and how they can come together to make a drastic change for the better.
While this is true indeed, we do not see this recognized in many countries.
Let’s take the example of Africa: Africa has the youngest population in the world, yet in spite of this, progress in the continent has not lived up to many people’s expectations. This may be, due to the fact, that many governments view youth as a burden to national economies and possible sources of unrest which is quite tragic, and explains why there is high level of poverty and unemployment further fuelling this vicious cycle.


Let me tell you the story of my home country, Sudan.
Sudan witnessed a massive call for change led mostly by the country’s youth in December 2018.
People took to the streets and peacefully protested to bring down a 30 year-long dictatorship, relentlessly fighting for their freedom while facing excessive violence.
The months-long resistance and peaceful protesting resulted in the change we had so long been hoping for: The dictatorship was removed and we are now moving towards a democratic civilian rule in our country. Our commitment to change was a driving force and strongly exemplifies and amplifies the power and strength of youth and their capability to make immense positive changes. I am proud to have been a part of this movement and I hope this will inspire young people around the world to realize their potential in positively impacting their societies.